Problem Child

by Villains

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Problem Child. 2.11.2014


When I die I wanna go to hell
Because I fucking hate where I am if you couldn't tell
Every day is a cancer
Robbed blind of my fucking chances
I always hoped they'd play this song at my funeral
So they'd understand what I've been going through
I am a fuck up
Pathetic and washed up
Down on my luck
A blade away from giving up

Abandoned, and lost in a land
Where you're taken for granted and they put guns in your hand and
They're loaded
They tell you don't blow it
Force fed these bullets hope I don't choke

Pump my body with formaldahyde and gouge out my fucking eyes
Put them in your goddamn head
And see what it's like to only breathe in lead

So I load up the 9 and tell myself that I'm not out of my mind
I'm just a little sick right now
I'm just a little sick right now
Danger danger, a manic on the loose
Playing Russian roulette with 6 bullets in the chamber

I'm everybody's favorite problem child
The tragedy you all love
Who's addicted to saying sorry
And in love with not being enough
Always been the villain
Always been the villain

I am alone, I am alone
So pump my body with formaldehyde
And gouge out my fucking eyes
The worlds a fucking evil place
Even kindness leaves a bitter taste


released February 11, 2014
Recorded, mixed and mastered by Cody Ratley.



all rights reserved


Villains Chicago, Illinois

Skeleton Youth Records

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